Research and Development for your raw materials

Corextrusion has set up a research and development platform, in the 3D filament industry, to offer products that meet all the standards and technical specifications that this type of filament requires. As performance is at the centre of our priorities, many types of filaments are developed within our entity: amorphous, semi-crystalline, charged or uncharged, including technical characteristics such as impact resistance, abrasion resistance, tensile strength, or a specific surface finish.

Development of a 3D Filament


To be consistent with its ambition to develop ever more qualitative and efficient 3D filaments, Corextrusion has developed solutions intended to facilitate the printing of technical filaments which quickly regain moisture.

3D Skin Protect

This is how Corextrusion filed its first patent, 3D Skin Protect. This exclusive production technique protects the filament with a thin layer of skin enveloping the core.

Exceptional characteristics, thanks to our patented 3D Skin Protect Technology

This innovation is the result of continuous research by our Corextrusion’s R&D experts. 3D Skin Protect is a technique which consists in coextruding a thin layer of the same material (or any other compatible material), around the filament. This results in exceptional technical properties such as :

  • Limitation of the moisture absorption : The skin acts as a barrier against humidity, and highly reduces printing problems connected with moisture contaminated 3D filaments.
  • Protect and limit risks of printer damage when abrasive fiber filled filaments are being used. The fiber free protective skin will significantly increase the life of your printers and all parts in contact with the filament./li>
  • Compatibility with all types of materials such as PA, PET, PLA, ABS, PS, PEEK, etc.

3D Skin Protect by Corextrusion

All filaments in our polyamide range are coextruded with the 3D Skin Protect technology : TECHLine, TECHArmed, TECHStrong, TECHLine 6 Carbon / Glass and PLA Bronze.
We are constantly innovating with new, technically advanced filaments, featuring 3D Skin Protect.

Close-up of printer head pulling roller after 1:30 hour print with a non 3D Skin Protect, 30% glass-filled filament.