With projects ever more ambitious, the 3D FARM 3D printed a crocodile (emblem of the city of Nîmes) more than a meter long. On the occasion of the inauguration of the new tourist office of Nîmes, the team of the 3D FARM modeled in 3D the drawing realized by the designer M.Starck, then printed in several pieces this crocodile. As part of this project, the Volumic printer fleet occupying the 3D FARM has continuously printed the pieces of this crocodile with 10kg coils. PET Hd (available in our filament range). It took almost a hundred pounds of PET to print this crocodile and small replicas marketed and all this in a record time. Once printed, the pieces were assembled and then treated to make a true work of art. This mythical crocodile modernized through additive manufacturing, is now visible tourists and Nîmes.