Created in 2016 in the Lyon region of France, Corextrusion Group is an R & D platform developing innovative 3D filaments meeting technical needs, in order to increase the performance of additive manufacturing by means of melted filament deposit. Corextrusion Group has developed a wide variety of materials for Companies wishing to produce, with 3D technology, small batches of parts, with mechanical characteristics or surface finishes similar to machined or inject moulded parts, without needing expensive tools, and in a fraction of the time. This technology also makes it possible to produce parts that cannot be injection moulded. Our mission is to extrude technically advanced filaments which will allow you to produce 3D printed parts with your specifications. Our know-how and expertise in the field of extrusion has enabled us to develop a large number of amorphous, semi-crystalline, charged and uncharged materials to name a few.
From extrusion to characterisation: All our filaments are printed, tested and characterised according to ISO standards used for injection (ISO527-ISO178-ISO179).
Tests we perform include tensile strength, elasticity, compression, shock and flexibility.
We have developed a comprehensive range of 3D filaments, under the “Tag in 3D™” brand.
TAG in 3D ™ filaments have been developed to achieve performance as well as ease of printing.



Corextrusion Group innove du côté des filaments 3D avec une technique de coextrusion. Cette technologie permet d’enrober un filament d’une fine peau pouvant avoir diverses fonctionnalités :
– Limiter la reprise d’humidité
– Protéger vos imprimantes de certaines fibres abrasives
– De nouvelles fonctionnalités liées à la peau vont bientôt voir le jour.
– Compatible avec tout type de matière